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Tutorials & Party Ideas

  • 10 Fun Halloween Party Ideas
    October 19, 2020 Shimmer Blog

    10 Fun Halloween Party Ideas

    Halloween is finally here!! Are you wondering what to feature in your 2020’s Halloween party? Wonder no more. We have gathered a fine list of cool Halloween party theme ideas for you to steal away and make the most of. Get ready to do some fun shopping and decorating.
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  • baby shower themes for girls
    August 12, 2020 Shimmer & Confetti

    7 Unique Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Girls

    Before your bouncing baby girl comes into the world, you need to celebrate the hustle of pregnancy and being able to make it this far. Congratulations by the way! More fun to come during your baby shower. Invite your loved ones and let them make memories with you. To narrow down on the party ideas, we've listed 7 unique baby shower theme ideas for you. Select a fancy theme from the collection and plan the best baby shower ever.
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  • 7 Amazing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas
    August 5, 2020 Shimmer & Confetti

    7 Amazing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

    Bridal showers can be organized by either bridesmaids or just friends of the bride’s friends. If you’re a bride and would like to plan your own bridal shower, that works too. However, planning a fun and memorable shower is quite some work and can easily go wrong. As we don’t want the future bride to spend her last days of singlehood bored and disappointed, we’ve decided to get a list of bridal shower theme ideas for you to try out.
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